‘Thank you, Pathways!’


“I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your assistance in allowing me to attend the Caron Program. Not only am I sober and drug free, but I am currently assisting people in my community who were struggling with the same addictions as I was.”

“My sobriety has made positive changes in my life. I have put myself in a position to be promoted at my job, my relationships with my friends are more fulfilling and I am enrolling in school to study addiction. Thank you for giving me back my life!”

“I’ve been clean for almost five years now. I have not had a drink or a drug … I have a better relationship with my kids and have a job and a house. It’s not the material things – I’m talking about relationships, people being able to trust and depend on you.”

“Caron provided me with the tools I needed to be the mother, wife, sister, daughter that I should be instead of the person hidden behind addiction. My family and I are forever grateful.” 

A donation to Pathways Bermuda will help change and save lives.

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