Residential Treatment

Pathways Bermuda is a Strategic Partner of Caron Treatment Centers, a world-class non-profit provider of alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

With nearly 60 years in the field, Caron is one of the oldest and largest drug and alcohol addiction treatment center organizations in the US offering primary, relapse and longer-term treatment for adolescents, and adults as well as families affected by the disease of addiction.

If deemed clinically appropriate, Pathways facilitates specialized residential treatment for Bermuda residents at Caron Centers in Pennsylvania and Florida. 

Grounded in 12-step principles, Caron’s treatment approach recognizes that addiction is complex, affecting patients on a physical, psychological, and spiritual level; and helps patients and their families recognize the root causes of addiction, embrace new lifestyle habits, and heal on the deepest level. Treatment is gender separate and gender specific.

As a world-class integrated behavioral health facility, Caron treats all physical and psychological conditions simultaneously, which is essential for lasting transformation. Their compassionate, highly trained addiction specialists create personalized treatment plans for every patient, addressing depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, traumas, and other conditions that commonly drive people to self-medicate.

Giving a helping hand to recovery

Scholarship funding is a core value of Pathways and is available for both local and overseas residential treatment based upon Clinical, Motivational and Means assessment. 

Upon their return to Bermuda, individuals in recovery are able to participate in Pathways’ non-residential aftercare and group programmes, including access to telemedicine.

Video conferencing used as a therapeutic and clinical supervision tool and has also been established as a protocol for assessment and evaluation of clients at the “front end” and returning clients at the “back end” to aid a smooth transition for the clients between the US and Bermuda clinical treatment teams, thus providing a quality assurance feature to our clinical service offerings. 

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