Impaired Driving Program

The Pathways Bermuda, Responsible Decisions Program is an Impaired Driving Program approved by the Government of Bermuda in accordance with section 35 (K) of the Road Traffic Act 1947. This program has all the elements which would satisfy the courts that a driving under the influence offender has received the requisite treatment, to make an Order for the reduction in the period of disqualification under section 4 of the Traffic Offences (Penalty) Act 1976 upon successful completion of the program.

This participant-focused, user-friendly curriculum:

  • Offers a personalized road map for good decision-making
  • Aligns with common local impaired driving education standards
  • Incorporates colorful, engaging Interactive Journaling format
  • Includes a personal change plan which can be integrated across the course hours
  • Emphasizes personal responsibility and commitment to change
  • Moves beyond basic education to application of effective strategies for behavior change.
  • Responsible Decisions can also be presented as a prevention program. Contact Pathways Bermuda about workshops to educate your company, school or organisation on the dangers and consequences of impaired driving.

For more details contact the Pathways Bermuda office at 236-0823 or

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